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Dental Checkups and Teeth Cleanings

Keeping Your Smile Healthy for a Lifetime

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Once your permanent teeth have grown in, that’s it—you only get one set of natural teeth for your whole life. That means you need to take care of your mouth to make them last year after year. Yes, daily brushing and flossing are critical steps, but they aren’t enough alone to protect your smile from problems. You also need to visit our dental office in Carrollton twice every year for dental checkups and cleanings. Although at first glance these routine appointments may seem rather insignificant, they can have a huge impact on your long-term oral health.

Why Choose LuxSmile Family Dentistry of Carrollton for Dental Checkups and Cleanings?

Dental Checkups

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At your semiannual appointment, Dr. Ton takes a little bit of time to perform a gentle oral exam to find any signs of trouble. She pays close attention to the following:

She also reviews the digital X-rays that we take of your teeth and uses our new digital cavity detection system to identify potential problems that aren’t easily spotted by the naked eye. If she finds something amiss, like tooth decay, we can address it right away.

Unlike some medical conditions that eventually go away on their own, oral issues only get worse with time. That’s why it’s so important to detect issues as soon as possible while they are still easy to resolve. If you wait until you recognize a problem on your own, it could cause you unnecessary pain and require more extensive treatment to resolve. Dr. Ton has years of experience and advanced training so you can rest assured that she can catch and treat issues early on, saving you pain, money, and time down the road.

Dental Cleanings

dental cleaning

After Dr. Ton finishes her exam, one of our friendly hygienists cleans your teeth with powerful tools to remove built-up plaque and tartar. Then, they model the appropriate way to floss and can answer any questions you have about oral hygiene. Finally, they polish each tooth, removing surface stains and leaving your teeth feeling smooth and fresh.

Even those who diligently brush and floss their teeth daily can miss plaque sometimes. Over time, it hardens and becomes stuck to your teeth, enabling the bacteria it houses to have easier access to your teeth and gums. If not removed, this buildup can lead to future oral problems. Your dental cleaning stops the bacteria from having the chance to create these issues in the first place.

Our team at LuxSmile Family Dentistry of Carrollton wants nothing more than to help you maintain a healthy smile that you’re proud of, and checkup and cleaning appointments are just one way we do that. Whether it’s been a while since your last dental visit, you just moved to the area, or you are looking for a new dental office to call home, we invite you to schedule an appointment with us. You’ll see the difference that Dr. Ton and our staff can make in your dental experience.

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