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Toothaches – Carrollton, TX

Understanding Your Tooth Pain

Toothaches are awful. If the pain is relatively minor, it may be a nuisance that takes your attention away from everyday tasks. If the pain is severe, it can totally derail your routine. It is important that you visit an emergency dentist whenever a tooth begins to hurt! Our team will carefully evaluate the situation and recommend a treatment to get your oral health back on track. On this page, you will learn more about toothaches and how we can help you find relief.

Why Choose LuxSmile Family Dentistry of Carrollton for Toothache Treatments?

What Causes Toothaches?

Woman in need of treatment for toothaches in Carrollton

Toothaches can come in a few different forms, such as severe throbbing pain, sensitivity to hot and cold, and dull pain. Such symptoms can be due to a variety of issues, including:

Diagnosing and Treating Toothaches

Illustration of cracked tooth, in need of emergency dental treatment

Before we can help you find long-lasting relief from your toothache, we must discover what is causing it. In order to do that, Dr. Ton will perform a close visual examination of the tooth, perhaps with the help of an intraoral camera. She’ll look for things like visible signs of decay or objects stuck between the teeth. It is also likely that we will take some digital X-Rays so Dr. Ton can get a look at what is happening beneath the surface of your teeth and gums.

After your examination, Dr. Ton will recommend a treatment. If your toothache is due to decay or damage in a tooth’s interior, you will likely need root canal therapy and a crown. On the other hand, if the damage to a tooth is extensive, it is possible that it will have to be extracted. Regardless of which treatment you undergo, our team will make your comfort one of our top priorities at every step along the way.

What If My Toothache Goes Away on Its Own?

Dentist and patient discussing results of digital X-ray

Some individuals choose to “tough out” a toothache, hoping that the pain will go away on its own. And in some cases, that does happen. However, it is not something to celebrate. If the toothache is due to damage in the tooth’s interior, and the pain suddenly vanishes, that is actually a very bad sign.

It is important to keep in mind that teeth are not capable of healing themselves. Therefore, if a severe toothache goes away on its own, it usually indicates that the nerve inside the tooth has died, so it is no longer able to send pain signals to the brain. A dead tooth is a serious problem because the bacteria inside it can spread into nearby tissues and continue to cause damage. It is imperative that a dead or dying tooth receives treatment as soon as possible.

Are you suffering from a toothache? Our team is ready to help. Contact us today to learn more about our emergency services.

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